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Name Jonas Svennberg, CEO
Number +46 704 20 77 39
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Zenit Design

Zenit Design is your strategic partner in design. We work with you to develop your portfolio, create new products and we are with you all the way.

We can help you with:
- Strategic design and innovation
- Development of services, products, interfaces and packages
- Construction and development of various types of products or details

Experts from Zenit Design will carry out detailed analysis of your proposition, establish user criteria, create concepts and take your idea from a vision to a successful reality. We’ve been doing this for market leaders for over 20 years. We can do it for you.
Media Evolution City | Stora Varvsgatan 6a |SE-211 19 Malmö, Sweden | | | Phone +46 40 611 96 91 • Hitta hit