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Södra Skogsägarna

Based in Växjö, Södra is a cooperative of forest owners with around 50,000 members. With 3,600 employees, the group is also a major employer. Södra’s entire business is based on the renewable, recyclable and biodegradable forest raw material and they has one of the largest sawmill operations in Sweden, and is one of the biggest suppliers of softwood sulphate pulp to the European pulp market. Södra also produces dissolving hardwood pulp. Södra’s three pulp mills are largely fossil-fuel free, and generate surplus energy.

Södra is divided into three business areas; Södra Cell, which includes mills, Södra Wood which includes their sawmills and Södra Skog which sells services related to forestry and timber. Within these business areas, Södra produces various wood products, pulp, interior products, and even biofuels.
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