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TEM is since more than 30 years a leading player in southern Sweden in the field of sustainability. Nature of activity over the years has shifted in tune with developments in society. We focus on creating better conditions for a sustainable society.

TEM was founded in 1981 as an interdisciplinary project at Lund University, located directly under the principal office. Based on an identified need for knowledge transfer from the private and public sectors on the one hand, and universities and colleges on the other hand, initiated professors at Lund University and the Naval Postgraduate School in Malmö formation of TEM. TEM stood for Technology, Economy and Environment. For business recruited scientists, project managers and other staff to conduct applied research and development, training and consulting.

TEM has been active in a wide range of technological developments, such as Stirling engines, management systems, and energy recovery system of beverage containers. Recycling Projects represented initially base for TEM's activities and the basis for TEM's continued development in the environmental field. TEM was leading and driving among others when it comes to introducing new approaches in the environmental field as a preventive environmental protection, environmental audits and environmentally driven product.
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