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Returpack-BURK Svenska AB

Returpack is a privately-owned company which aims to increase the recycling of metal cans and PET bottles in Sweden. This mission derives from the Swedish government, as well as from the owners of the company, who consist of representatives from its trading and brewery sectors company (Sveriges Bryggerier, Livsmedelshandlarna och Svensk Dagligvaruhandel).

95 percent of our volume is collected in food retail markets. We have approximately 14 000 customers of different types, from big supermarkets to small cafés, sports clubs, airports etc. Around 3 000 of these have their own Reverse Vending Machines. It´s voluntary and not obliged to take back containers, but as a Returpack customer, you will be compensated both for the deposit and the so-called handling fee for the return containers you send in.
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