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Alphab Paper & Board

Founded in 2014, Alphab Paper & Board AB started as a representative office for paper- and boardmills seeking experienced local representation in the Nordic and Baltic markets. Our aim is to be able to supply our customers suitable qualities for any print job, Graphical papers for DM, inserts, magazines, catalogues or board for different types of packaging.
Our customers are printers, converters, publishers or endusers.

In 2015 Alphab became a member of European Paper Alliance, which is an alliance of paperagents in Western Europe. In total the group sell about 750 000 tons of paper and board. If you are involved with printing, give us a call. We hope to come up with some good ideas for your business.
Media Evolution City | Stora Varvsgatan 6a |SE-211 19 Malmö, Sweden | | | Phone +46 40 611 96 91 • Hitta hit