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Address Risenta AB, Råsundavägen 18, 169 67 Solna, Sweden
Number 08-586 27 500
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Risenta is a Swedish family-owned company founded in 1940. Risenta's founder, Uno Grindby, developed the business idea to import rice, specialty bakery products, preservatives and spices. The business concept is constantly growing while the passion and knowledge of tasty ingredients have been inherited.

In 2015, Risenta was sold to the Finnish Paulig Group, a family-owned food industry company founded in 1876, which today operates in many countries. The Paulig Group produce coffee, spices, international food concepts and snack foods. In the spirit of Risenta's origins and Paulig Group's values, Risenta continues to look around the world for the best ingredients and products for a healthy lifestyle.
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