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Address Gamla Vägen, Box 45, 291 07 Fjälkinge, Sweden
Number 044-28 65 50
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Kockens AB

Kockens has been a leading innovator in the Swedish spice and food market since the 1950's. The brand Kockens, on the other hand, has been around longer than that. The characteristic figure of the happy chef was registered already in 1916. The logo symbolize the joy of cooking really good food.

Today, Kockens AB is part of Lyckebygruppen, and the production of our spices and products to Swedish households takes place at our factory in Fjälkinge, Skåne. In addition to spices from all corners of the world you will also find potato flour, Laila's gluten-free flour and tasty Italian desserts in our product range.
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